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  • 💕 I'm a newbie, and I have no references, but I want to see you.
    Well, let me tell you, I'd be honored to take your virginity in selecting a companion. If you have no references, then I'll need your full legal name and year of birth as well as the city you’re currently residing. I will treat your information with the utmost respect and discretion. Also, as a newbie, I'd recommend an engagement longer than an hour. Sometimes nerves hinder our physical reactions, and I want to make sure the first time you see me, you have adequate time to get relaxed. Once relaxed, we can pursue whatever our hearts desire.
  • 💕 If I'm whitelisted or have a reviewer account on any review forum, or am a member of P411 or RSAVS, do you still need my name, age, and phone number? 
    Absolutely! Although having any of those will help speed up the screening process. No amount of money is ever worth my safety, and the fact that I take such care to be so safe in my screening aspect should honestly reassure you. I know it can feel intrusive, but how can we pursue what the night has in store for us unless I feel 100 percent safe?
  • 💕 What is the proper etiquette for meeting you and ensuring we have a transcendent experience? 
    I'm so glad you asked! The proper etiquette for meeting me is to be complete and thorough when you fill out my contact form. Once that is done, and the screening is complete, we can set a date and time. Also, the better groomed you are and the fresher you smell, ensure we have that otherworldly experience you seek. Upon my arrival, I would appreciate my donation for my time sitting in the bathroom, on the counter in plain view. If I'm offering incall and you're coming to me, then I expect my donation to be in clear view before you excuse yourself to shower. After that, we can embark on our adventure for the evening. If we're meeting at a bar for a drink or meeting at a venue or restaurant, I'd suggest having my donation in a card or your favorite book. If you try to bring up my donation and the technicalities of what you get for what amount, I will promptly excuse myself. If I do not receive my donation upon meeting, I will quickly excuse myself. And then both of our evenings will be ruined. Let's not have that happen. Be a peach darling and play by my rules, and I'll reward you.
  • 💕 I want a date for a pool party or club. Do you take appointments like these, and if so will you party with me?
    I do! However, in the party scene, I'm not that kind of woman. I don't partake in recreational drugs nor will I get drunk with you. I do not care if you indulge in either vice, but they're not for me. I will be your voice of reason if you still would like me to accompany you, and I promise to make sure you make it back to your room intact and with all your personal belongings. I know how one tends to become forgetful after indulging in spirits or drugs. I'll make sure you have everything you came with when we leave and make sure that while we're at the club or pool, you're lavished with attention and that your cup never runneth dry. On a side note, if it's a pool date, I ask you to have a cabana. I am not a fan of the Las Vegas sun, and I love keeping my fair complexion and my youthful look naturally without becoming the next Elizabeth Báthory or the use of injections.
  • 💕 If I can't make it to you, can you come to me? 
    With enough notice and a 50 percent deposit, I can make it to you! If you want to bring me to you, I request you book at least a 6-hour minimum. As well as take care of my travel costs. If you're international and want to see me overseas, I have my passport ready! For any overseas travel, it must be at least a 12-hour request. And my travel costs must be paid for on top of my donation.
  • 💕 Do you see couples or offer duos? 
    Of course! Couples or duo appointments are positively my favorite kind of engagement! The more, the merrier I always say in situations like these. Visually, it's mesmerizing. Physically it's enthralling. Mentally it's freeing. Let's cross the threshold and indulge together! You'll find in my costar section a bevy of wonderful companions. All of whom I've had the pleasure of engaging with. I can honestly say any companion you see on my site enjoys the presence of both men and women. If you're a couple that wishes to have the Valet Parker experience, I need to speak to both of you, and you both have to complete screening. I'd like to know the expectations of each individual and the boundaries as well. I want us all to have an ecstatic engagement that will be one for the books. For that, we all need to be on the same page.
  • 💕 Do you smoke?
    The only thing I smoke is the competition in video games. If you are a heavy smoker, please refrain from smoking if you'd like the complete Valet Parker treatment.
  • 💕 Do you provide references?
    Absolutely. I ask that you email me a heads-up so I know to expect an email about providing it.
  • 💕 Are you a switch or submissive?
    I'm neither. I have quite a dominant side that tends to come out if I feel the company I'm in is starting to be domineering or pushy. I don't enjoy being around very dominant or insistent individuals, and it would honestly ruin our time together. If you feel this is you, I must say here and now that we should not meet as I will be unable to meet your expectations. Should this happen, I won’t even give you a second chance. I’ll be out the door with my donation.
  • 💕 Are you a Domme, or do you engage in fetishes? 
    Both actually and upon request. Perusing my site, you'll notice a section titled The Cult of Dionysus. In that section, you'll find the fetishes I offer and the types of BDSM services I provide. If you feel that you're up to the task, then request entry and be careful not to fall too far into the rabbit hole.
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